Powering Employee-Centric Enterprises

GuideSpark Communicate Cloud combines a powerful employee communications platform that enables journeys with configurable content applications.




All-In-One Content Management Platform

Contently has become the content marketing solution of choice for the world’s most valuable brands. ContentlyOne is the industry’s only product that fuses art with science, integrating technology, talent, and strategy into one unified approach for achieving content mastery.



Clear Serve

Delivering Transparency To Your Portfolio

We combine robust Alternatives technology with superior usability and design elements to help Family Offices and other Private Investors make better Finance, Investment, and Management decisions.



Long Game

Get On The Right Financial Path

Long Game is working to make savings fun and accessible. Long Game helps users achieve financial well-being by turning managing their money into an engaging adventure game.



Gro Guru

Precision Soil and Irrigation Monitoring System

Groguru provides breakthrough underground wireless technology to farmers. The GroGuru technology measures soil moisture and salinity in real-time and gives you feedback anytime, any place, from any device.



Lead Crunch

Demand Generation Using AI

LeadCrunch optimizes B2B targeting by using its customer’s best customers to create “Smart Personas” via artificial intelligence. It then engages look-alike personas with relevant content to find new customer leads.




AI for Fragrances

Scent Sequencing – Explore new scents and customize your own perfume from home. AI for fragrances. Explore new scents and customize your own perfume from home.




Men’s Below-The-Waist Grooming and Hygiene

Manscaped is refining the gentlemen by providing all essentials for grooming below the belt.



Lab Fellows

Do More Science

Technology that accelerates science through Lab Management Software.



Pasture Bird

The (Better) Future of Poultry Production

Pasturebird, an agtech and sustainability company, is farming poultry by rotating the chickens to fresh pasture every single day, Pasturebird chicken is not only healthy and delicious but also goes beyond sustainability to rebuild healthy, regenerative soils and grasslands.




Full-Featured Platform for the SMB Market

A complete software suite that makes it easy for customers to find, engage, book and pay for your services online.